Anna Semlyen’s Training Workshops

I have tutored at BWY National Congresses and have 6 approved BWY CPD/IST day courses – Falls Prevention,  Private Yoga Lessons, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs based on RCT research Yoga for Backs Website, Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha, Yoga for the Mind – The 3 Gunas and mental nature – practical ways to reach sattvic harmony as well as Improving Concentration focussing on Confidence, Energy and Perseverance. All have detailed handouts and lesson plans that teachers can use in their own classes.

I teach non IST days on Yoga for Self-Confidence, Laughter yoga, Yoga for Weight Management, Energy, Moving and Still Meditation, Yoga for the Seasons.

See below for dates/venues of national training. In Service Training (IST) days are usually for BWY teachers/student teachers. Others may book if there’s space. IST’s are approx £40 (check with the organiser)

Tutoring charge: BWY IST £400 plus train travel & lift or taxi to venue, (+ by negotiation bed space or B&). Non IST days £300 plus travel.


BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics, Economics (Oxon)
MSc Health Econ (York)
Author of Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Book & Relaxations CD
BWY Specialist Advisor on Back Care & Therapeutic Research
Ayurveda Foundations Dip
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
Reiki 2

See my CV page for my background & experience.

Anna Semlyen’s 2019/20 Workshop and Holiday Dates

14-15 Dec 2019 Recharge Women’s weekend at the Rising Dawn Sanctuary 11m from York. Sat 14th from 5pm clothes swap, sharing circle, conscious dance night, fire circus skills, therapeutic art with Linda King, open mic. £25, Sun 15th yoga Sadhanna with Nam Prakash Kaur from 4.30-7am, yoga for women 7.30-9am with Anna then a day till 6pm of sharing circles, therapeutic art, hand mudras, workshops on confidence, walk, £40 see the facebook event for more details or call Anna on 07891989310. You can stay over and book meals too. Buy either Sat, Sun and all in with 3 meals and stayover is £90.

venue etc tbc Sat 28 Feb 2020 Improving Concentration raising energy, confidence and perseverance West Yorks BWY IST day Shirley Wood <[email protected]

Sept 12 2020 Towards mental harmony – 3 Gunas and mental nature. BWY IST day Surrey 10.00-15.45 Onslow Village Hall Wilderness Road, Guildford,GU2 7QX Sarah Hallett <[email protected]>

Sept 13 2020 Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST day in Kent organised by Jan

Course Description of Falls Prevention

As people age, their risk of falling rises. Yoga teachers can hugely contribute to helping their students be stable, steady and keep upright. Anna has a certificate in Falls Prevention Awareness. This day teaches how to prevent falls with the Otago and FaME Falls prevention programmes -both proven to lower incidence and severity of falls. Learn tips for general classes and private lessons in postural stability instruction. Handouts and hatha yoga – postures, breathing and meditation, especially on reducing fear are included.

Course Description of Private Yoga Lessons

Do you offer private lessons and want to improve, or start? Enjoy a day on tailoring yoga to each person’s needs – eg, home exercise, pain or stress relief, or physical therapy. Goals are often to promote faster healing or start yoga. We consider what healing is, what constitutes a quality yoga lesson before, during and afterwards.  Gain an understanding on the differences between group and private lessons, tips on booking requirements, health questionnaires and a private lesson contract. How best to ask, listen and respond to the client’s goals. Over the day we co-plan and refine two private yoga lesson programmes (for lesson topics voted on the day).  Our aim is to write, and try out, plans that are manageable and effective for home practice. The day includes gentle postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation – the key to healing.

Course Description of Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

Therapeutic hatha yoga day on yoga as medicine based on a large randomised trial run for sufferers of chronic low back pain by the University of York. Teaching of pain relief and core sequences devised by Alison Trewhela for the largest piece of yoga research to date, costing almost a quarter of a million pounds.

The results were a clinically and statistically significant 30% benefit in improvement in back function of being offered specialist yoga compared to the usual care control group.
Colour photographic handouts. Opportunity to buy the book and Relaxations CD co-authored by Trewhela and Semlyen.

Anna Semlyen is BWY Specialist Advisor on Back Care and Therapeutic Yoga research. has a 4 min video and links to the free pdf of research paper in the Annals of Internal Medicine, one of the world’s top five medical journals.

Course Description of Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha

A practical hatha yoga day informed by the Ayurvedic Doshas (constitutions) of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and concerns self-healing. Includes personal constitution questionnaires to assess what types of yoga postures and approach to practice will most benefit you. Like tailoring clothes, the aim is to discover the yoga that suits us best.

Expect to explore physical yoga postures suited to each type with an awareness of the interaction of the five elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth. The area of the body most at risk of disease will also be discussed for each type.

Also breathing exercises, affirmation, meditation and relaxation. It will be fun as well as an enriching practice and understanding of how yoga and self healing interact. Detailed handouts. NB this course is not about nutrition, but practical hatha yoga – postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation.

Course Description of 3 Gunas and Mental Nature

A practical hatha yoga day about the mental constitutions of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Includes mental health questionnaire and three yoga plans with handouts. Yoga aims to reach sattva – the mindstate of harmony. This course shows practical ways to reach harmony depending on someone’s current state of mind whether rajasic (turbulent) or tamasic (dark). It’s a problem solving day with plenty of postures, breathing and relaxing to change the state of mind. Also meditation formats for each, inspiring quotes.

Course Description of Overcoming Patanjali’s 9 Obstacles to Concentration

Practical problem solving on overcoming weaknesses. Includes an questionnaire on the 9 obstacles – sickness, mental laziness, lack of enthusiasm, fatigue, overindulgence, false perception, lack of perseverance and regression. With handouts for use in class. The aim is to be able to recognise one’s own obstacles and work with the appropriate yoga to bring concentration. Focus is on energy, confidence and perseverance with 1.5hr hatha yoga lesson plans for each. Extensive handouts.

Workshops References

“Thanks for a wonderful day. It was so interesting – so much information and knowledge of how and where to practice a private yoga lesson. I think you are an amazing teacher and I will look into booking you again. The feedback on the evaluation forms was excellent from all those attending” Angela Thompson BWY Eastern Region 2018

“Thank you so much for our IST day -really very useful and interesting. 100% positive feedback from the group”. Angela Davey BWY Bedfordshire re Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

“I really enjoyed the Dosha day and feedback was overwhelmingly positive” Shirley Wood BWY IST Yorks 2018

“This day was an enormously gratifying day for the organisers to run. There was so much for teachers to take away to enrich their teaching and their own practice. It was a good balance of philosophy, discussion, asana, meditation and relaxation. Some of the positive feedback ranged from “Great relevance from teaching to everyday life” Enjoyable day to “I particularly like the way Anna incorporated other people’s ideas, experience and suggestions into the day.” It was a day to enrich on many levels” Penny Cronyn BWY Herts on Improving Concentration, Raising Energy, Confidence and Perseverance, Tring Herts June 2016 pg 40 BWY Mag Autumn 2016

“Really really pleased with all the positive feedback, I couldn’t be happier. We had a full class of 30. Anna was easy to liaise with leading up to & post IST. The day was interesting, informative & easy to follow. Anna’s enthusiasm for the research they have done overflows & rightly she is proud of her work. This came through in her delivery”
Lauren Clarke BWY Derbyshire County Rep re Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.

“Responses to the day were all favourable and positive. I would love to book you again in the future and I shall certainly be able to tell my fellow county reps what a successful day it was.”
Val Booler BWY Training Officer West Mids re Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

“Your day was excellent, both content and delivery – informative and inspiring. I will definitely suggest that you are booked again. I’ll also be mentioning how good your day was in my write up in the NW BWY mag.” Katie Duffy, BWY NW County Rep- Greater Manchester & Isle of Man re Doshas.

“Feedback said – excellent, uplifting, brilliant handouts, great communicator and a very inclusive person. All 28 forms returned had nothing but praise. What a great day. At our AGM I told the other county reps what an excellent day you gave. I look forward to welcoming you back to Surrey next October”
Sarah Hallet Surrey re 3 Gunas and Mental Nature IST Oct 2010.

“Thanks for a lovely day. We all enjoyed it.” – 100% would recommend it to other teachers – BWY feedback Linda Dunne BWY East Yorks re Dosha IST March 2010

“Thank you for a truly inspiring workshop.”
Eleanor Barkans FRYOG Dosha day Nov 2009

“Anna came to Coventry to teach a general yoga session for students and teachers on Yoga and Ayurveda. Anna was well prepared with suitable activities and handouts. Her knowledge of the subject was thorough and she presented it in an accessible and lively way. The session was practical and mainly focussed on yoga practice but with the added emphasis on Ayurveda even familiar practices revealed something new.

Though the session was not INSET training there was plenty of food for thought for teachers which I am sure we have taken forward into our understanding of students in our own classes. All reported satisfaction and found Anna friendly and approachable. I particularly commend her kindness and support for the newer students in the group”.
Lesley Butterwick, BWY County Rep Warwickshire

“Anna delivered a fantastic workshop – informative, varied, and fun. She presented it so very well, sharing her knowledge through a perfect mix of written, spoken and practical information. She also made it personal by clearly drawing on her own experiences with the Doshas. It was one of the best yoga workshops I have attended in a long time, and in following some of her advice can already feel the benefits!”
Christine Ross FRYOG re Dosha day Nov 2009

“Thank you for attending the AGM and being our guest tutor. Feedback was very good”
Chrissie Harrison BWY London re Dosha, Back Care & Juggling Nov 2009

“All said how much they enjoyed working with you. We were most grateful for the hard work you put into the weekend with your preparation and handouts and the varied and enjoyable sessions of physical practice”
Sue Hargreaves Cheshire Yoga Teachers Association re weekend 2009

Past Workshops outside York

 Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, Hornchurch Essex as part of UN Day of Yoga celebrations June 2019, Yoga for Backs and Walking Derwent Water Lake District. May 2019 Yoga for Backs and Walking. Dovedale, Peak District  Aug 2018. BWY IST, Concentration Hassocks Sussex June 2018, BWY IST Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Onslow, Surrey June 2018, BWY IST Private Yoga lessons Hornchurch Essex May 2018, BWY IST Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Bedford May 2018, BWY Scotland IST Concentration, Edinburgh April 2018, BWY IST Yoga and Mental Health- Balancing the Gunas, Tamas Rajas & Sattva Cumbria March 2018, BWY IST Yoga and Auyvedic Doshas, Wakefield Mar 2018, Hf weekend Holiday on Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Mar 2018, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs day Cheshire, Lancs Feb 2018, BWY IST on private lessons Nottingham Jan 2018, BWY ISTs on Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Hornchurch & Ware Nov 2017, BWY IST Private lessons Rugby Sept 2017, hf Mind Body Holiday North Yorks Sept 2017, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Day Chorley, Lancashire July 2017, hf Mind Body Holiday North Yorks Sep 2016
Improving Concentration, raising energy, confidence and perseverance Tring Herts June 2016
Yoga for States of Mind – the 3 Gunas and Mental Nature IST Day IST Norwich May 2016,hf holidays – Yoga for Backs Apr 2016, Aug & Sept 2017
Kirton Village Hall, near Scunthorpe Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs day Nov 2015
Papplewick, Nottingham Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs IST Sept 2015
Marks Tey, Essex Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs IST July 2015
BWY London Festival tutor Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs June 2015
Aston nr Sheffield, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs for FRYOG April 2015
Lisburn near Belfast, Yoga and Mental Health, yoga and the constitutions March 2015
Bradford on Avon Wiltshire Concentration BWY IST Sept 2014
Whittle in the Woods Lancashire Concentration BWY IST Sept 2014
Blaydon Tyne and Wear Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs June 2014
Nottingham, Papplewick Village Hall, 3 Gunas- Mental Constitutions April 2014
Lisburn near Belfast, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs March 2014
Wales Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs IST and General Day on Concentration Feb 2014
Cheltenham Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs IST Feb 2014,
Knaresborough, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Nov 2013
Cornwall 3 Gunas and Mental Nature BWY IST Oct 2013
Devon Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha BWY IST Oct 2013
Somerset Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Sept 2013
London APPI Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Sept 2013
Droitwich Spa,Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha BWY IST July 2013
Nottingham, Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha BWY IST July 2013
Norwich, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, BWY IST June 2013
CPDO Day London, Yoga Back Care for Osteopaths Middlesex University, Archway Campus Apr 2013
Stratford, Bucks, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Mar 2013
East Essex, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, BWY IST Nov 2012
Bebington, Wirral Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, BWY IST Nov 2012
Leeds, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY, IST Oct 2012
Manchester, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs MADYA Sept 2012
Marlborough, Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha BWY IST Sept 2012
Aberdeen Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, Grampian Yoga Assoc Sept 2012
Chesterfield, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs,BWY IST May 2012
Cornwall, Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha BWY IST Mar 2012
Bristol, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, BWY IST Mar 2012
Edinburgh, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Yoga Scotland OGT Mar 2012
Polmont, 3 Gunas and Mental Harmony Yoga Scotland OGT Mar 2012
Monmouth, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs FRYOG CPD Day Feb 2012
Birmingham, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Day Feb 2012
Knaresborough, 3 Gunas and Mental Harmony, IST BWY Day Feb 2012
Bedford, 3 Gunas and Mental Harmony, General BWY Day Jan 2012
Oxford, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Day Nov 2011
Hull, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Day Oct 2011
Cobham, Surrey Overcoming Patajalis 9 Obstacles BWY IST Day Oct 2011
Reigate, Surrey, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs BWY IST Day Oct 2011
Lundudno, 3 Gunas BWY IST Day Oct 2011
Carlisle, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, BWY IST Day Sept 2011
Droitwich Spa, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, BWY IST Day July 2011
Birmingham BWY AGM, Yoga for Self Confidence and Energy Nov 2010
Bolton, Yoga and Ayurvedic Dosha BWY IST Oct 2010
Reigate, Surrey, 3 Gunas and Mental Nature BWY IST Oct 2010
Hertfordshire, Yoga and Dosha IST July 2010
Stafford, Yoga and Dosha general day for tutors and students May 2010
Crich near Matlock, Yoga for your Constitution general day for tutors and students April 2010
BWY National Congress, Gunas, yoga for confidence and energy April 2010
Hull, BWY IST Yoga and Dosha March 2010
Cold Aston Gloucester, Yoga and Dosha for FRYOG Nov 2009
Dulwich, London BWY AGM Dosha for all levels, plus Juggling and Back care Nov 2009
Cheshire Yoga Teacher’s Association Weekend at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, Wales July 2009
Coventry, Yoga and Dosha Day for Teachers and Students June 2009
BWY National Congress, Yoga and Ayurveda, Dosha and Seasons April 2009


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