“The back care yoga sessions were very helpful, and improvement of my back already became apparent in a few weeks! The yoga sessions do not only benefit my back, but also my mind through the relaxation. The yoga teacher is very knowledgeable, explains it all well and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended!”
Sylvia Toet, University Lecturer

“Anna’s yoga classes help me to be quiet, calm and to concentrate during eye surgery”
Patricia Tschuor, Opthalmologist

“Yoga is excellent pain relief -it certainly beats pestering the doctor. It’s also great for improving sleep”
Anna Sampson, Tourist Attraction Front of House – re back care

“Anna’s yoga class has really helped my lower back pain. The focus on breathing and relaxation also helps clear my head”
Sheila Perry, PR Consultant

“Yoga really compliments my other hobbies (running and swimming) and is perfect for relaxing and building core strength – especially now I’m pregnant.
Emma Taylor 33, International Programme Manager

“Yoga helps me to relax and get a good night’s sleep.
Jonathan Foster

“A weekly yoga class helps keep me balanced for the rest of life”
Hannah, 40, Museum educator

“Yoga helps me with stress busting and flexibility”
Tracey Galloway 49, Clerical Officer York Hospital

“Yoga has changed my whole well being. For the first time in 10 years my aches are dramatically reduced. The feeling it gives me is so calming, relaxing and positive. I would recommend it to anyone”
Kelly Smith 36, Nail Technician,

“Classes have made an enormous difference to the state of my back, made it less painful and when the pain does strike I now have the exercises to relieveit. Classes were not only very helpful, but taught so thoughfully and kindly and were most enjoyable. I feel enriched by having done Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs. Thank you”
Jean Cull 84, Retired

“I did yoga for my bronze Duke of Edinburgh physical activity and I’m glad I chose yoga as it is relaxing and non-competitive, yet I have improved my balance, posture and stamina. My horse riding’s benefitted”
Hedda Belsher, 15 Student

“I come to yoga because it is the only sure way I can relax from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Also it helps keep me free from bachache. Listening to Anna’s relaxation CDs help me get back to sleep when I get insomnia”
Mr Warwick Burton, Walking History Tour Guide

“I like that if something’s too tricky, there’s an easier alternative, so you could join in despite physical problems. It’s a friendly and relaxed class and I really enjoy attending”
Sarah, 15 Student

“Yoga is an hour of calm in a life full of chaos”
L Fletcher, Office Worker 40+

“Yoga reaches the parts that stymy the doctor – bad backs, arthritic knees and carpal tunnel syndrome”
Fiona Khan, 54, Potter and Teacher

“I do yoga to unwind and forget the stresses of working life”
Kelly Temple, 34, Accountant

“I started yoga to help strengthen my back, arms and legs to improve my posture for horse riding. It has helped – especially with jumping.”
Alice Galloway, 21 Student

“I practice yoga for relaxation”
Wendy 77, retired

“Yoga has helped me to regain control of my life and tackle the effects of stress head on”

“Anna creates a very caring and calming atmosphere which makes her yoga sessions special. I feel more grounded, energetic and balanced. I achieve more in sport because I now breathe much better.”
Julie Howarth-Pulleyn

“Anna’s classes allow you to learn and practice yoga at your own pace and level in a really friendly and non-competitive environment. I have developed a heightened awareness of self, both in terms of the body and the mind. I find it the perfect tonic for a busy day – it gives you a chance to revive your body, to re-centre you mind and to put life back into perspective. I always leave feeling more positive but also very peaceful.”
Helen Lyons

“Regarding pregnancy yoga – I’ve really enjoyed all the classes and found them very relaxing. It has been so helpful to hear lots of advice about active birth positions, breastfeeding e.t.c. as these finer details have not been covered at the parentcraft group at the Hospital. I will defintely return for parent and baby yoga classes.”
Lisa Barry

“I look forward to Anna’s classes each week as they give me time to spend on myself with no distractions. Yoga helps me to be fit, healthy and relaxed in my body and in my mind – and the benefits last all through the week until the next class!”
Caroline Moore

“Yoga is an enjoyable way to unwind & relax after a busy day at work. The meditation element in particular has taught me how to clear my mind of mental clutter and to de-stress.”
Claire Harris

“I feel more supple and flexible. My posture has improved since doing Yoga.”
Joan Warner

“Anna’s Tuesday class is just perfect for me. One hour, straight after work, not too strenuous, always enjoyable.”
Mike Turton

“I’m always rushing about, busy at home and busy at work. Yoga lets me slow things down and balance things out.”
Christine Jeanette

“Going to Anna’s classes has been very meaningful….its helped me to examine many choices for my own personal health and I have started to look at many everyday things in a new light. Its also great fun!”
Julia Davis

“I feel Yoga is an absolute must to keep people sane in this mad, mad world!”.
Caroline Boom

“Anna’s classes are good for introducing you to the practice of yoga and excellent for keeping you motivated to improve. Lessons cover everything from theory to physical exercise and help me to keep sane in a busy world!”
Katie Rees

“Time for me – awareness of myself, my body, balance and to recharge the batteries.”
Robyn Oldham

“Classes induce positive thought and are a pre-cursor to the best night’s sleep and most productive day each week.”
Beryl Rowntree

“Anna’s classes have helped me so much. Fragments of awareness jump up unexpectedly in the stresses and strains of daily life – bringing me a more relaxed, understanding, peaceful attitude.”
Ruth Lindars

“I strongly recommend Anna Semlyen’s personal yoga lessons. She exudes calm to her clients and I have found the relaxation exercises particularly beneficial.”
Eva Robards

“I have always known about, and believed in, the benefits of yoga, but to find that it can be used as a tool for weight loss is fantastic. Since starting the yoga for weight loss classes, in January, I have lost two-inches (a dress size) all over (in 5 months). The class is great because it aids weight loss without losing the essence and integrity of yoga”.

Helen B

“I have found Anna’s one on one mother/baby yoga sessions an absolute delight. Both myself and Alfred have felt the benefits. For me personally i feel stronger, have toned up and definitely feel calmer and more energetic. Alfred loves his yoga sessions and I have found that not only does the yoga tire him out, which makes him sleep better!! Anna has taught me a number of techniques to calm him when he is upset and crying which are invaluable.

The really lovely thing about mother/baby yoga is its something that benefits us both, but it also helps us bond, there is nothing nicer than doing yoga with Alfred and looking at his face giggling whilst we are doing our movements. Importantly it also allows me to fit in some exercise in the day which is fun for us both and means that i can do it because Alfred isn’t getting bored! I really cann’t recommend mother/baby yoga enough and Anna is a wonderful teacher who focuses on both mother and baby as a whole.”
Clare Pritchard, mum to Alfred 6 months


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