Relaxation improves health. It :

  • Relieves pain
  • Relaxes the physical body
  • Calms the physiological systems
  • Brings clarity of mind
  • Brings stability and equilibrium to the emotions and equanimity in facing life’s challenges
  • Enhances energy and mood levels
  • Brings feelings of tranquility
  • Increases productivity
  • Allows the benefits of any previous physical yoga to manifest in the body for long term health

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Relaxations CD
Four talked through relaxation tracks by Alison Trewhela and Anna Semlyen. As used in a successful back pain trial with the University of York that proved a benefit of 30% over normal care. Buy from me direct or through for £12.99

Relax with Anna Semlyen audio CD

Four talked through relaxations by Anna Semlyen on different relaxation methods
Quick relaxation – tense and relax – 12 mins
Visualisation – of lying on a floating lilo air mattress – 15 mins
Breathing – deep diaphragmatic breath and Ujjayi breathing – 15 mins
Pregnancy – affirmation on relaxation – 15 mins Plus a short poem about unity

Listen to a free sample MP3 track from the right hand menu at British Wheel of Yoga Yorkshire site.

Digitally mastered by Liz Greene it costs £7.50 plus £1 post & packing (or £1 in stamps) – please send a cheque with your name and address to: Anna Semlyen, 24 Grange St, York YO10 4BH

“This CD is just what I was looking for! Even if I don’t have much time to do yoga, I can put this CD in to unwind and clear my head before bed. I highly recommend this CD”
Nicole Thurston

Yoga teachers and therapists can buy, on a sale or return basis, copies for £5 each. Please ring 01904 654355 or email Anna – [email protected] for copies.


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