Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs classes are the

top proven therapy for Back Pain

according to Arthritis Research UK

tested by scientific research at The University of York

12 week zoom course from Tues 12 Jan 2021 7.30-8.45pm

  • Unique gentle back therapy class branded Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs
  • Anna co-wrote a practical visual workbook with photos to assist people taking these classes (published & inexpensive)
  • Small class sizes
  • 30% improvement in back function over normal care
  • 70% (8.5) fewer days off work a year

Full details, Dates & downloads are below these videos

It is for anyone with backache (whether lower or upper) or who wants a gentle therapeutic yoga course, e.g. to overcome stroke or stress. I offer it as weekly classes, once a week for 6 weeks, or as private lessons for one or two people.

Proven to reduce Back Pain – Professor David Torgerson

Important: The positions shown in the video above do not represent the actual positions taught in our back pain classes. The Medical Journal used actors to demonstrate the classes for their press release. The actual positions we teach are gentler on backs. The next video below shows footage from the actual classes.

What happens during the classes?

The video (above) features my research partner, Alison Trewhela, teaching students our ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ class at The ZedShed in Penryn. It represents an overview of ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ classes that I teach in York

Listen to what people who have done it are saying:

“The back care yoga sessions were very helpful, and improvement of my back already became apparent in a few weeks! The sessions did not only benefit my back, but also my mind through the relaxation. Anna is very knowledgeable, explains it all well and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Highly recommended!” Sylvia Toet, University Lecturer “Yoga is excellent pain relief -it certainly beats pestering the doctor. It’s also great for improving sleep” Anna Sampson, Tourist Attraction Front of House (referring to back care yoga) “The best feeling I have all week” (after relaxation at back care yoga class) Colin Godfrey “We welcome the fact that not only has yoga been found to help people manage their back pain, but that it is also cost effective, and results in fewer sick days. It is another option for people who are struggling to manage their condition, and one that encourages the move to self-management. Yoga is an intervention that has been proven to make their everyday lives easier and their pain more manageable. We’d hope that on the back of this, more people with back pain are encouraged to take up the yoga programme.” Professor Alan Silman, Medical Director of Arthritis Research UK “We evaluated the [Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs] course by using individual-level data from a multi-centred randomised controlled trial. On the basis of the 12-month trial, we conclude that 12 weekly group classes of specialised yoga are likely to provide a cost-effective intervention for the treatment of patients with chronic or recurrent low back pain.” Professor David Torgerson, Director of York Trials Unit, in the University of York’s Department of Health Sciences See the review and endorsement by Arthritis Research

Zoom course 12 weeks from 12 Jan 2021 at 7.30-8.45pm

£199 if paid by 1st Jan, £260 after plus £25 for a 30min private one to one pre-course zoom call

Pay by bank transfer (please contact me for the numbers on 07891 989310 or [email protected])

Plus buy the ‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’ Resources Pack – price now £48.50 + p&p – from our not-for-profit social enterprise (  This represents good value as it includes the newest version of the book, 4 relaxation downloads plus Relaxations Album CD version, 5 practice sheets, handouts and info about the 12-week evidence-based specialised course.

What happens if I can’t make all of the scheduled classes?

It is still effective, or you could top up with private lessons. It is not essential to go to every class to get the benefits, (though regular practice is best, including home practice). If you can’t make the course this time, let me know and I’ll send information about future courses. Please get in touch to register your interest, or book a private zoom or physically distanced lesson.

Do you teach the course to existing groups or workplaces?

Please contact me with any questions about teaching for your existing group eg by zoom or socially distanced. £80 per group lesson of 75 mins. This course is evidence based. You are strongly recommended to buy the educational resources of which I am joint author. Either buy at class or on line. see Trial results, Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs book and Relaxations CD by Alison Trewhela and Anna Semlyen plus 4 min video at Yoga teaches correct posture and self care. Based on the latest available published medical evidence, endorsed by Arthritis Research UK and the top two yoga schools in the UK, classes provide a gently progressive series of exercises to relieve pain and strengthen the body. This class is for those who can get up off the floor unaided. Back pain sufferers are safely taught foundational and therapeutic yoga. Careful teaching of a specialist back care programme includes colour hand outs for home practice

Private Individual & Private Group Tuition

Research proven Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs lessons are available to book privately at £45/hr (per person) or £200 for 5 classes (£40phr) or £450 for all 12 lessons on zoom or at 24 Grange St off Fulford Road.


Download my Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs York yoga leaflet with photos in pdf Download my Private Lesson flyer with photos in pdf

My Experience teaching to Back Pain Sufferers

As Specialist Advisor to the BWY on back care and therapeutic yoga, I teach back pain sufferers and In Service Training of Teachers in the Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs sequences devised by Alison Trewhela, endorsed by the Iyengar Yoga Assciation (UK) and British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). As a yoga researcher, I have taught on a randomised controlled trial with NHS patients through the University of York’s Trials Unit. Please call Anna to discuss your requirements.

Do you have any questions about back pain?

Please call me on 07891 989310 To email Anna Semlyen fill in the form below or email [email protected] to book private lessons (£45 for one hr, £200 for 5 hrs or £450 for the full course)

Are you a Yoga Teacher?

My In Service Training (IST) Day of continuing professional development (CPD) for yoga teachers on Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is an evidence based therapeutic yoga training. It aims to assist yoga teachers to help students with low back pain within a general class and to pass on the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs trial results and explain the 30% benefit in back function over normal GP care. Teacher training course includes: -background to the research trial and its results with a copy of the published paper -Pain-Relieving Poses, to show teachers how to put a student into a useful relief pose during the class. -spinal anatomy/skeletal handouts -causes of low back pain – CORE A sequence, so that yoga teachers can help their own low back health, and teach it in general classes – Relaxation with Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Relaxations CD Quality, colour, photographic handouts of practice sheets are given free. The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Book and Relaxations CD can be bought. See UK Training Workshops page for dates and venues. Alison Trewhela offers 4 day training over two weekends in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs – see Teacher Training page on T-shirt – Buy the Yoga for Backs T-shirt on Red Bubble


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